Christine (Hilton) Stom's Relatives Buried at Fairview Church Cemetery, Spencer County, Indiana
(Many thanks to Pat Eager for her kindness & generosity in obtaining these images for me)

(Click on each image for a much larger view)

All of the tombstone pictures are various views of the same stone, which belongs to:

Ruben Davis Grigsby Jr.
23 Dec 1799
23 Jan 1878
(4th great grand father)

The stone is very worn and the final, close-up picture has been digitally enhanced by myself to bring out the details.
The stone reads:

Ruben Grigsby
Jan. 23 1878
78 Yrs. 1 Mo.

I have other Grigsby relatives who are supposedly buried at Fairview, however their stones have not been located and it is my guess that they are worn beyond recognition.  If anyone has information that these individuals are indeed buried elsewhere, I'd be very grateful if you could let me know.
These are the family members, in addition to Ruben, who are supposed to be buried at Fairview:

Elizabeth (Ray) Grigsby
25 Jan 1813 - 5 Apr 1901
(4th great grand mother)

Andrew Jackson Grigsby
31 May 1832 - 9 Apr 1915
(3rd great grand father)

America M. (Kelley) Grigsby
11 Oct 1838 - 22 Nov 1911
(3rd great grand mother)

Thomas Pearl Grigsby
18 Aug 1860 - 5 Oct 1893
(2nd great grand father)

William F. Grigsby
16 Oct 1857 - 2 Nov 1934
(2nd great grand uncle)

Below are some overview pictures of Fairview Church & the cemetery itself.  Perhaps some of these worn stones belong to the relatives above.