Christine (Hilton) Stom's Relatives Buried at Shawler Cemetery, Lebanon Junction, Bullitt County, Kentucky
(Many thanks to Billie Flannery for her kindness & generosity in obtaining these images for me)

(Click on each image for a much larger view)

             William Shawler      Lucinda (Morrow) Shawler
Nov. 6, 1814          June 9, 1813
Jan. 25. 1895          June 8, 1888
(4th great granduncle & grandaunt)

(It is unclear to me where the following individuals fit into the tree, but since they are all in the same small cemetery and of the name Shawler, I feel it's only a matter of time and research until their relationships are figured out.  I believe at least one or two of them are children of William & Lucinda.)

Below is an aerial overview of the area as well as a map showing how to get there.  The property, which at one time was owned by the Shawlers, now belongs to an organization called Lions Camp Crescendo.  Billie Flannery, who took the above photos for me, is a part of the organization.)