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William de Ashby


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William de Ashby

  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: 1248, Leicestershire, England

bullet  General Notes:

In 1231, William was convicted of the felonious murder of a man named Hugh de Rusans. His estates were forfeited to the crown and his minor son, Robert, was made ward to Ralph Ashby, a son of Nicholas Ashby. William was outlawed but then later pardoned (apparently near his death) in 1248, by King Henry III, and in 1248 the King ordered that Joan, wife of William, receive specified lands as her dower after the death of William.

Possible that the Joan listed as his daughter, was in actuality his wife.

From the dictionary of British Place Names, 2003:

Ashby, a common name in the North and Midlands, usually ‘farmstead or village where ash-trees grow’, OE æsc or OScand. askr + OScand. bý; however ‘farmstead of a man called Aski’, OScand. pers. name + bý, is a possible alternative for some names; examples include: Ashby N. Lincs. Aschebi 1086 (DB). Ashby by Partney Lincs. Aschebi 1086 (DB). See Partney. Ashby, Canons Northants. Ascebi 1086 (DB), Essheby Canons 13th cent. Affix from the priory here, founded in the 12th cent. Ashby, Castle Northants. Asebi 1086 (DB), Castel Assheby 1361. Affix from the former castle here. Ashby, Cold Northants. Essebi 1086 (DB), Caldessebi c.1150. Affix is OE cald ‘cold, exposed’. Ashby cum Fenby NE. Lincs. Aschebi 1086 (DB). Fenby is Fen(de)bi 1086 (DB), ‘farmstead in a fen or marsh’, OE fenn + OScand. bý; Latin cum is ‘with’. Ashby de la Launde Lincs. Aschebi 1086 (DB). Manorial affix from the de la Launde family, here in the 14th cent. Ashby de la Zouch Leics. Ascebi 1086 (DB), Esseby la Zusche 1241. Manorial affix from the de la Zuche family, here in the 13th cent. Ashby Folville Leics. Ascbi 1086 (DB). Manorial affix from the de Foleuilla family, here in the 12th cent. Ashby Magna & Ashby Parva Leics. Essebi 1086 (DB). Affixes are Latin magna ‘great’, parva ‘little’. Ashby, Mears Northants. Asbi 1086 (DB), Esseby Mares 1281. Manorial affix from the de Mares family, here in the 13th cent. Ashby Puerorum Lincs. Aschebi 1086 (DB). Latin affix means ‘of the boys’, in allusion to a bequest for the support of the choir-boys of Lincoln Cathedral. Ashby St Ledgers Northants. Ascebi 1086 (DB), Esseby Sancti Leodegarii c.1230. Affix from the dedication of the church to St Leger. Ashby St Mary Norfolk. Ascebei 1086 (DB). Affix from the dedication of the church. Ashby, West Lincs. Aschebi 1086 (DB).


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