Paradise Kentucky

Paradise circa 1900

Paradise was an eastern Muhlenberg county town on the Green River about ten
        miles northeast of Greenville. It was settled early in the nineteenth century and
        was known as Stum's Landing (for Leonard Stum who owned a store and ferry
        there). It may have also been known as Monterey (for the town in Mexico), but
        was renamed Paradise for reasons that are now obscure. The site of Paradise is
        now occupied by a Tennessee Valley Authority coal-fired electric plant. The
        Paradise post office opened in 1852 and closed in 1967.

Paradise site location

Story as to how Paradise, Kentucky was named.

A family was traveling up the Green River in a final effort to find a
cure for whatever was ailing their seriously ill child.  Every attempt
so far had failed.  Nobody knew the cause of the child's condition and
thus no one could help her with a cure or even relieve her symptoms.  An
Owensboro doctor told them that way up on the Green River there was a
place the Indians used to say had mysterious medicinal powers.  As a
rule he wouldn't advise anyone to take such a superstition seriously,
but as he could find no hope for the child in conventional medicine,
anything that could possibly help should be attempted.

So the family started up the river to find this mysterious place.  One
night, they camped just above Stum's Landing, and when they awoke the
next morning the child had completely recovered.  The grateful parents
said that for such a miracle this must truly be paradise.  So it became.

Source: Helen Mckeown

Paradise in Kentucky - Contributed by Dorann O'Neal Lam

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Paradise School 1906

Stum/Stom House Paradise Kentucky Circa 1900
(Desciption from Dorann:  Stum House Paradise, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
Date ? 1900 Ca. Identified by Allie Heck. Burned in 1919 after sold to Daisy & the Heck family.)

Airdrie Smelting tower 1885

Civil War Vets 1912

Easter Rabbit Hunt 1912

Fishermens Resort 1900

Gilmore Family 1911

Gilmour General Store 1909

Gilmour General Store 1916

Green River Boats 1900

Green River Ferry 1890

Hotel Airdrie 1875

Jim Gilmour 1910

Leona on the Green River 1907

Mail Boat 1918

 Main Street Paradise 1898

Main Street Paradise 1950

Paradise 1898

Paradise Aerial 1965

Paradise Area Showing Coal Plant on site

Paradise Landing 1890

Paradise Post Office 1967

Rochester Dam 1925

Airdrie Smelting tower

Airdrie bridge

Gilmour Store

J. Gilmour

J. Gilmour

A boat on the Green river at Paradise

Buell home near Paradise

Paradise 1900

Paradise Post Office 1959

Road to Paradise

Airdrie Furnace

General Buell's private park, residence, and boat house, Airdrie 1900

Mill Chimneys, Airdrie 1900

Some of the abandoned houses at Airdrie 1895

Ruins at Airdrie 1900

The old hotel building at Airdrie 1895

Mclean old spring Airdrie 1900

Entrance to the "Mclean old Bank" Airdrie

General Buell's residence Airdrie 1900

Ruins of General Buell's residence Airdrie 1912

The Stone House Airdrie

The stone steps Airdrie