Christine (Hilton) Stom's Relatives Buried at Jesse Waters Farm Cemetery, Wilson Creek Road, Bullitt County, Kentucky
(Many thanks to Billie Flannery for her kindness & generosity in obtaining these images for me)

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Peter Lee Troutman
Jan. 27, 1807
Mar. 10, 1861
(4th great grandfather)
(Peter essentially has two stones.  The stone on the left is exclusively his.  While the one on the right is the reverse side of his wife's (Elizabeth's) stone.)

Elizabeth (Shawler) Troutman
Mar. 18, 1818
Sept. 7, 1906
(4th great grandmother)

William Joseph Troutman
May 17, 1854
Dec. 12, 1915
(3rd great granduncle)
(son of Peter and Elizabeth, above)

                                      John W. Woods   Laurinda (Laura) L. (Troutman) Woods
               1843            (Feb. 28,) 1849
               1923            (Aug. 28,) 1931
(3rd great granduncle & grandaunt)
(Laurinda was the daughter of Peter and Elizabeth, above)